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Exec 901 course is open for enrollment...

Following the publication of the "Slimf it" book at the end of 2019 summer, i am so excited to announce that "Exec 901: Introduction to Management with Slimf it Method" course is open for enrollment now.

In fact, Exec 901 is the first course within "Executive Master's in Management (ExecMM)" program - the flagship of MCA Management School.

ExecMM program is based on the "Slimf it" book, and in parallel to the chapters of the book, the full-fledged curriculum of ExecMM program is also built on seven core courses.

ExecMM program courses discuss the essential toolkit of a novel & actionable management theory that covers all you need in business management; e.g. metrics, objectives, organization, startup growth, and more. The core courses of the program are coupled with a bonus (special topics) course & a case project.

I should note that similar to writing the book, producing this first course was quite an exhausting journey. Only the production phase (i.e. material, recording, editing & post-production etc.) for Exec 901 course took more than six months. However, making it open for enrollment now & at the same time kicking off ExecMM program & Management School is priceless.

Let me stop here, and leave you with Exec 901, @Udemy (please find the link here)... You may find more information regarding ExecMM program on the school's page, as well.

I hope you will enjoy the course, and cannot wait to see your invaluable reviews & comments...




Exec 901: Introduction to Management with Slimf it Method



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