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Letter from Can & Ozge Arslan


core is a word we love that reminds us our responsibilities. It is a compass that shows us what should really lie at the core of our activities to achieve the ultimate "sustainable value creation" objective.

Assuring equal opportunities for children to access high-quality education stands at the heart of our efforts towards social responsibility. Minimizing our footprint on environment & natural resources while planting more & more trees is what we focus on for environmental responsibility.

We believe these two goals are like the building blocks in life. Therefore, we try to stick to them to be able to make the greatest impact we can.

Still, we are more than happy to also work for other objectives related to science & technology, history, culture & arts, disability & health, fundamental human rights, poverty alleviation, protection of families & children, animals protection, sports, and of course worldwide peace.

In our efforts, we aim to give back to our home country - Turkiye - at the first place. Yet, we certainly do not assume any borders. Indeed, we believe there are lots & lots of things we can & need to do for our society & the world.

Heartfelt thanks to all who inspire us & collaborate with us in creating & developing for the better together…

Can & Ozge Arslan

core | Can & Ozge Arslan Responsibilities


Can & Ozge Arslan Responsibilities

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please let us know if you think there is an opportunity regarding the above objectives that we can support

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Thanks for reaching us, we really appreciate your effort. We will be getting back to you asap.

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