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a new era in management...


Slimf it Book by M_Can_Arslan

A new era in management has unfolded. If you want to change your world & get your business to join the fits’ club, all you need to know is here, in one place.

In Slimf it, you will find…


… insights to better align supply & demand to be more competitive in all the core industries,

… the necessary business objectives to focus on & metrics to measure & track your business's performance,

… the right method to follow when making all your decisions to reach the ultimate objective,

… the last organizational chart you will ever need to get your business organized,

… a summary of the symptoms for all the issues you might encounter in the management of your business, and the treatment options for each,

… actionable tips you can instantly apply in each management domain to prevent these issues from ever occuring,

… a quick recipe in place of all the above in case you prefer a shortcut, and

… a self-assessment checklist to make a fitness check-up of your business from top to bottom…

Slimf it is your reference book whenever you want to uncover the correct answers to your tough business management questions & make the decisions that will help you achieve sustainable profitable growth & value creation.

Dr. M. Can Arslan

"Slimf it" is a result of decades long research, observation & experience plus nearly two years of writing.


And now, it's here...

M. Can Arslan, Author of Slimf it

Istanbul, August 30, 2019


"While there is a logical order of the chapters of "Slimf it" & readers are encouraged to read the book starting with the first chapter, this is in fact not a book which you read once from the beginning till the end & get a main idea. 


"Slimf it" is designed as a handbook that you can constantly refer to whenever you need some guidance to reveal the correct answers to your tough business management questions.


The first five chapters equip you with the essential toolkit of a novel & actionable management theory that covers all you need in business management; e.g. metrics, objectives, organization, startup growth, and more. So, all you need to know, in one place, no more, no less... And actually, the book ends here.


At this point, the book starts over with chapter six - the chapter giving the book its name - and offers you a quick recipe in place of the former five chapters in case you prefer a shortcut.


Finally, the seventh chapter presents a self-assessment checklist, which will help you compare your business's actual situation with what is proposed in the book, and evaluate its fitness. 


All in all with "Slimf it", you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the methodology to follow & actions to take in achieving a truly fit business."

Slimf it Book

to read Slimf it

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eBook | Paperback | Hardcover

"I hope you find "Slimf it" book useful for a fresh view of management.

I am so excited to have further discussions with you about the book, and

cannot wait to see your invaluable reviews & comments."

M. Can Arslan


"easy to read..."
"a futuristic book full of fine details..."
"a source of pride for Turkiye..."
"fine details, and an elegant book..."
"a book for a global audience, and an accompanying management school based on this book... a major accomplishment, my heartfelt congratulations..."
"i opened up space in my crowded bookshelf for "Slimf it"..."
"great book, great man..."
"an original title & an unconventional text..."
"a very special book from a special man..."
"way different than the business & management books you know..."
"a very important work from a very important academician & businessperson..."

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