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About MCA Management School

Based on a novel & actionable management theory,

MCA Management School is an online academy

providing executive education to support the development of

present & future leaders in global business.


Currently, it offers its flagship “Executive Master’s in Management (ExecMM)” program launched in 2019.

The school has a broad international network of top-notch executives, businesses & academics.

“Executive Master’s in Management (ExecMM)” program of MCA Management School is designed to equip 

present & prospective business leaders from around the globe who are looking to make an impact 

with the fundamentals of a novel management theory they can instantly apply.

Dr. M. Can Arslan

& Level

mid-level managers, professionals & students who are preparing for higher level & top leadership roles in their careers

senior executives & board members (C-Suit / C-Level / ExCom & Board of Directors) of global large corporations

entrepreneurs who are founders / co-founders of start-ups

owners who are in charge of family enterprises

Executive Master's in Management by MCA Management School

Upon successful completion of ExecMM program

you will be granted a program certificate by MCA Management School 

in addition to individual course certificates you will receive from Udemy.

"Exec 901: Introduction to Management with 'Slimf it' Method" course

ExecMM Program Courses

ExecMM program courses discuss the essential toolkit of a novel & actionable management theory that covers all you need in business management; e.g. metrics, objectives, organization, startup growth, and more.

Enroll to
Exec 901

Exec 901 online course at Udemy

based on  an independent review of 100000+ courses



Dr. M. Can Arslan | Instructor at Udemy


"Briefly explains very essential aspects that apply to every kind of business. Thanks a lot."

"This course perfectly matches my expectations.

Its scope is quite satisfying and informative. It can definitely help in my current role at work."

"Very well structured and easy to follow course!"

"Excellent course! Well structured and very informative"

"Very well prepared content, real examples of science applied in business"

"Çok başarılı ve altyapısı güçlü bir eğitim."

"pratik örneklerle dolu bir içerik... ayrıca anlatımı çok başarılı buldum. iş dünyasındaki herkese tavsiye ederim."

"çok emek verilmiş, harika bir ders... teşekkürler"

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