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Seminars & keynote speeches by Dr. M. Can Arslan

the insights & inspiration
you are looking for 
to succeed & make your mark

MCA p u b l i ca t i o n s

until today, his ideas & thinking inspired many,

his insights changed minds…

you deserve the same,

and it may be your time now

Special business seminars by Dr. M. Can Arslan

seminar given exclusively to your organization / institution

typical duration: 40-90 mins
(+ break / Q&A session where applicable)

Special Seminar


Keynote speeches by Dr. M. Can Arslan

speech addressing a special audience during a conference / congress / convention / event / summit

typical duration: 20-40 mins

Keynote Speech


Speaking services by Dr. M. Can Arslan

Dr. Arslan loves to talk about a subject on-demand around the themes below, or he might deliver a speech among the following selection. 


​In any case, we will decide on the specific title, speech format, and the rest of the fine details together.


Industry X.0 & the Future of Business, and the World
Strategy, Sustainability & Growth
Productivity & Lean
Global Competitiveness
Innovation and R&D
Transformation, Change & Leadership
Business Excellence
(Advanced) Analytics & Optimization
/ Prescriptive Modeling
Going Digital
Business Organization
Operations Research / Management Science Practice in Industry
Academia – Business / University – Industry Collaboration
Engineering & Industrial Engineering Education
Topic on-demand Related to Business, Management, and/or Academia

Selected Titles

The Future of Business, and

the World

see if it is what you expected

Speaking services by Dr. M. Can Arslan

Submit your request to book a speech

& we will get back to you to reserve your seat.

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"I am deeply impressed…"



"This seminar was like music to me…"



"Not only the content but also his delivery was spectacular...


"Çok feyzaldım…"



"Knowing a subject is important, but conveying this knowhow is another talent & he certainly has them both…"


"I learn a lot each time…"



"Great delivery!"



"Very good at explaining complex issues in simple terms & delivering key messages…"

"We found even more than what we expected in his session…"

M. Can Arslan


Dr. M. Can Arslan


Advisor / Consultant | Author | Engineer | Executive | Academician - Scientist - Professor | Speaker

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