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Seminars & keynote speeches by Dr. M. Can Arslan

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Special business seminars by Dr. M. Can Arslan

seminar given exclusively to your organization / institution

typical duration: 40-90 mins
(+ break / Q&A session where applicable)

Special Seminar


Keynote speeches by Dr. M. Can Arslan

speech addressing a special audience during a conference / congress / convention / event / summit

typical duration: 20-40 mins

Keynote Speech


Speaking services by Dr. M. Can Arslan

Dr. Arslan loves to talk about a subject on-demand around the themes below, or he might deliver a speech among the following selection. 


​In any case, we will decide on the specific title, speech format, and the rest of the fine details together.


Industry X.0, Future of Business & the World, Technology & "the Next"
Business Strategy, Sustainability & Growth
Innovation, R&D and Global Competitiveness
Transformation & Change Management
Productivity, Profitability, Lean, Agility & Capability
Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, AI/ML, Digital
Business Objectives & Performance Metrics
Business Organization & Leadership
Business & Operational Excellence
Project & Program Management
Process Development / Improvement / Re-engineering
Optimization / Prescriptive Modeling / Mathematical Programming
Advanced Planning Software / Decision Support Systems / ERP Suites
Operations Research / Management Science Practice in Industry
Academia - Business / University - Industry Collaboration
Engineering & Industrial / Systems Engineering Education
Topic on-demand Related to Business, Management, and/or Academia

Selected Titles

The Future of Business, and

the World

see if it is what you expected

The Future of Business, and the World: see if it is what you expected
Make Your Mark: challenging conditions, better decisions, better World
Change, Innovate & Lead: transforming the business
Re-introduction to Management: walking through the book "Slimf it: Management Reinvented. Essentials Compiled." & understanding the "Slimf it Method"
What if your - digital - growth is itself hacking your business: overshoooooot & collapse! when you discover it is too late to respond to what is going on
Who needs big data when there is no such thing as data science: make the most of your data via optimization / prescriptive modeling & operations research
The 2 biggest myths that stop you from being innovative: yes you need it, and yes you can do it
Who said it is old-fashioned? Lean is timeless: you will need to resort to lean, sooner or later.
Every Single Decision Comes at a Price: make your decisions count with management science
Really, what is sustainability & why should your business be sustainable: towards business growth, continuity & fitness
A few words for all those buzzwords: industry 4.0, machine learning, sustainability and more…: interpreting the world correctly starts with avoiding misinterpretations
Strategic Analysis Survey (S.A.S.): correct questions for a fit business
Business Vademecum & Management Recommendations: solving issues: symptoms, causes, diagnosis & treatment
EQ & IQ of AI: artificial intelligence (AI) - a solid threat to humanity, at least as much as we are to ourselves...
Industry Insights: achieving competitiveness & excellence in the Nine Core (C9RE) Industries that remain
Sustainable Management Framework: the 4-step practice for sustainable decision-making
The ORCHESTRA Model: organizing the business with the ultimate business organization
Global Objectives Map & Essential Performance Metrics (EPMs): setting the focus: business’s objectives & performance measurement

Speaking services by Dr. M. Can Arslan

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"I am deeply impressed…"



"This seminar was like music to me…"



"Not only the content but also his delivery was spectacular...


"Çok feyzaldım…"



"Knowing a subject is important, but conveying this knowhow is another talent & he certainly has them both…"


"I learn a lot each time…"



"Great delivery!"



"Very good at explaining complex issues in simple terms & delivering key messages…"

"We found even more than what we expected in his session…"

M. Can Arslan

Dr. Ing. M. Can Arslan

Advisor / Consultant | Author | Engineer | Executive | Academician - Scientist - Professor | Speaker

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