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FITNESS Score ™ | M. Can Arslan & Company

one number to tell you

how fit your business is, and

what to do to keep it in good shape...

Get the FITNESS Score ™ of your business

specially calculated in one session,

and receive the

Strategic Analysis Result (S.A.R.)

for your business instantly.

FITNESS Score ™ & Strategic Analysis Result (S.A.R.) | M. Can Arslan & Company

What is included in S.A.R.

FITNESS Score ™ of your business

& its assessment


Hidden insights: Potential issues below the surface, Upcoming risks...

Optimal policy / course of action to achieve & sustain fitness at your business

and much more...


"we have received a lot of feedback about our company to date. The feedback we received as a result of the FITNESS Score Session was above and beyond the rest combined."

"the overall value proposition of FITNESS Score sounds too good to be true first, but then you see it's real, and really good"

"this is the future"

"we are looking at true genius here"

"a bold & revolutionary breakthrough"

"wow, this is amazing"

Only 40 FITNESS Score Sessions
will be available in 2023

Get your session reserved today

to join the privileged 40.

Have questions?

Get in touch

  • see an exclusive preview of a sample S.A.R.

  • get a free demo / trial version of
    FITNESS Score 
    & S.A.R. generated specially for your business


  • learn more about advanced booking privileges & select benefits

+90 542 414 5 MCA (622)

Looking for an even faster way of business assessment? 

Check the Limited Edition
at $499

  • Can FITNESS Score ™ be calculated for any company?
    Yes, FITNESS Score ™ can be calculated for any business, no matter what its size, industry, age, type or location is.
  • Does FITNESS Score ™ considers only the finances of a company?
    FITNESS Score ™ is not limited to finances but indeed offers a holistic view / complete picture of a business. It factors in not only all the financials that are typically considered in assessing a business, but also all the rest of the information related to the business from end-to-end, including organization, objectives, non-financial metrics, processes, value proposal, management style, innovation capability, sustainability, and even the vision, to name a few. In other words, FITNESS Score ™ helps us evaluate & monitor overall fitness of a business.
  • Are FITNESS Score ™ & S.A.R. generated in one single session?
    Yes, the FITNESS Score ™ & S.A.R. for your business are generated in one single session.
  • When do we see the FITNESS Score ™ of our business & receive our S.A.R.?
    Instantly, right at the end of the FITNESS Score Session.
  • Can we have the FITNESS Score Session online?
    Yes, you can either have your session online / remotely or physically at one of our office locations or meeting venues.
  • Is there a limit to FITNESS Score Session participants?
    While there is no limit in the number of participants, we expect the leaders of the company to be present in the session. You might join as one person, or you might join as a team, depending on your preference.
  • What can we use FITNESS Score ™ for?
    There are various different use cases & applications of FITNESS Score ™. Please refer to FIT Programs below to see the option that best fits your profile & needs.
FITNESS Score ™ & xPS | M. Can Arslan & Company

Want to know more about FITNESS Score?
Discover x PS,
the technology behind...


Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence or the next big thing...

First, imagine the limits of science, maths, computation & engineering, and now please think beyond:

Welcome to x PS.

x PS was originally introduced as PS (Planning Suite) in 2014. Until today, executives from multinational businesses in diverse industries trusted PS, and several modules of PS utilizing a novel models & algorithms library have been used to tackle various different planning puzzles.

More – and in fact the best – was yet to come, and now, it is here:

Developed by Dr. M. Can Arslan combining the legacy of PS & the "Slimf it" Book, x PS is the technology that enables us to calculate the FITNESS Score ™ of a business & generate its S.A.R.

You will be able to see x PS in action & the value it will bring to your business when we calculate
the FITNESS Score ™ & generate the S.A.R. for your business during your FITNESS Score Session.

FIT Programs | fitness for all businesses & stakeholders
powered by FITNESS Score ™


FIT Startup

showcase how fit your startup is to potential investors & creditors

best suited for entrepreneurs who are founders / co-founders of start-ups

Conference Room

FIT Holding

compare completely different businesses & group companies / subsidiaries fairly & accurately

best suited for chief executives & the boards of diversified conglomerates

Financial Graphs

FIT Invest

check & compare the fitness levels of the businesses you are planning to invest in

best suited for investors (e.g. angel, seed, incubators, accelerator, crowdfunding, grants, VC, PE, funds, public / stock market investors...) who look for desirable ROI figures in a certain time-window

Conference Crowd

FIT Conference

annual Fits’ Club summit where we discuss "the fundamentals" & "the next" with invited speakers from academia & business

forthcoming event date & venue to be announced

Businesswoman on Phone

FIT Enterprise

see how fit your business is & what to do to keep it in good shape

best suited for owners who are in charge of / running family enterprises

FIT Leader

understand the company from top to bottom & develop a roadmap more easily

best suited for newly appointed business leaders as well as successor generations in family enterprises who are looking to get up to speed & make an impact


FIT Credit

check how fit the businesses are for which you are evaluating to lend a credit

best suited for creditors / financial institutions that offer commercial / corporate loans

Business Meeting

FIT Corporation

assess & monitor the overall fitness of your company & see the actions to take to keep it fit

best suited for senior executives & board members (i.e. C-Suit / C-Level / ExCom & Board of Directors) of global large corporations

Konyaalti Beach

FIT Offsite

turn your executive strategy meeting into an offsite event including a FITNESS Score Session in Turquoise Coast, Mountain Summit or somewhere in between


best suited for leaders who like to think out of the box, and move forward

Empty Stage

FIT Lists

see the ranking of companies based on their fitness levels


rankings global by default, and private for now. country specific rankings can be developed on demand.

Contact us for specific program details.

+90 542 414 5 622

All FIT Programs bookings earn your business
a one-year-long Fits’ Club membership.

See below for Fits’ Club membership benefits.

Fits' Club

where you'll find fit businesses

Membership Benefits

  • continuous support you need to achieve & sustain fitness at your business

  • a vast network of fit businesses & their leaders offering a platform for experience sharing

  • free pass to annual Fits’ Club summit – the FIT Conference

  • slot guarantee for upcoming year’s FITNESS Score Session or any one of the FIT Programs bookings

  • price freeze for upcoming year’s FITNESS Score Session or any one of the FIT Programs bookings

  • price cut in upcoming year’s FITNESS Score Session or any one of the FIT Programs bookings for each new member referrals

  • 3 free Consulting Meeting vouchers as a follow-up to current year’s FITNESS Score Session or FIT Programs booking

  • 1 free Instant Inquiry or Quick Call voucher

  • exclusive prices for Special Seminar & Keynote Speech bookings

  • taking advantage of select offers in booking multiple services

  • contributing to environmental & social objectives through core

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