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The Future of Business Assessment

Turn it into your future now.


From $499

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Business Assessment from Top to Bottom, simply at Your Fingertips.

FITNESS Score helps you gain a fundamental understanding of how fit a business is from end-to-end.

That is, an understanding of the business's capability to achieve & sustain profitable growth & value creation - or shortly, fitness.

Target in Sight. Road to Success Clear. Mission Accomplished.

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The Limited Edition of the

Offers the Following about the
Business Under Review:

  1. A close estimate* of its true FITNESS Score™ - a measure of how fit the business actually is, in one number

  2. The evaluation of the business's estimated present
    FITNESS Score™


  3. Hidden insights concerning the future: potential problems / issues below the surface, upcoming risks / threats​

  4. Optimal policy / course of action to achieve & sustain profitable growth & value creation - or shortly, fitness - going forward





* The true FITNESS Score™ value can be obtained via a FITNESS Score Session (from $28,000) to be held specifically for the business. In the Limited Edition, on the other hand, you will only be asked to provide a few essential figures about the business you wish to evaluate - even without sharing the name of the business - and receive a summary report including the above elements.

If you are looking for further information about the full scope version of 
FITNESS Score™ and wish to book a sessionplease click here.

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Avoid losses. Secure the returns.
Stay on
the safe side.

With the help of FITNESS Score Limited Edition, MCA Holdings portfolio has never incurred any loss, and is constantly growing.


In September 2021, FITNESS Score Limited Edition pinpointed declining revenue growth and market share a global tech company is experiencing today as an "upcoming risk", linked to issues in innovation.

For the record, the FITNESS Score
value of the company back then was 92 out of 100.

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Strong positive correlation between FITNESS Score output & businesses' future performance, as indicated by changes in company rankings.

A retrospective study, forthcoming.

15+ years of development in Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence,
now in action


x PS is the technology behind calculating a business's FITNESS Score.

50+ Theories at the backstage, Management Science in the foreground.


All in all, FITNESS Score
is developed by brewing a blend of great theories.

Why Just Settle for Sense-Check When You Can Have Absolute 
Peace of Mind

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the company you want
right now

From $499

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