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to make trusted decisions & run fit businesses.

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Challenges accepted | M. Can Arslan & Company Consulting

Correct answers you are looking for to your tough business management questions, right decisions you need to make, issues you should resolve, challenges you are trying to overcome... 

All welcome, and they can be related to anything on business & management.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy
Sustainability, Sustainable Management & Growth
Global Competitiveness
Productivity, Profitability, Lean, Agility & Capability
Business Organization, Leadership and the ORCHESTRA Model
Business & Operational Excellence
Industry X.0, Future of Business, Technology & "the Next"
Transformation & Change Management
Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, AI/ML, Digital
Optimization / Prescriptive Modeling / Mathematical Programming
Industry Insights & the Nine Core (C9RE) Industries
Global Objectives Map & Essential Performance Metrics (EPMs)
"Slimf it" Method
Business FITNESS
Financial Management
Decision Making with Multiple Objectives / Criteria
Decision Making Under Uncertainty / Dynamicity / Change
Investment Planning
Project & Portfolio / Program Selection & Management
New Product / Service Design (NP/SD) - Research & Development (R&D) and Innovation Management
Channels Optimization & Customer Analytics / Analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Revenue Management & Pricing
Demand Forecasting / Sales Planning
Service Systems Design
Facility Location & Layout / Network Design
Transportation & Distribution Planning / Logistics Management
Inventory Management / Control
Quality Management / Control
Production Planning / Scheduling
Capacity Planning
Supplier Selection / Sourcing & Purchasing / Procurement
Manufacturing Process Selection & Design
Human Factors / Ergonomics
Work / Process Analysis & Development / Improvement / Re-design / Re-engineering
Energy, Natural Resources & Environmental Management
Social Responsibility
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


"We can never get an output of this quality from any other management consultancy…"


"Very high caliber work…"


"I have never seen anyone applying theory into practice as good as this…"


"I am deeply impressed…"


"A very good combination of qualitative & quantitative skills…"


 "Sometimes when everyone gets exhausted, someone comes in, inspires others, lights a torch & shines a light to the future… This is exactly what he did for us…"


"He put enough doubt on my mind to abort an investment of a few million dollars for which i was almost sure to go at the first place…"


"I have never worked with anyone else with a background comparable to his…"


"His work is like a poem…"

A very special talent who combines ethics and analytics, and that you can't come across very often...


"Very few people dare to propose a fundamental change…"


"He presented us a holistic summary of what we have to do..."


"His work proves how innovation at processes should look like..."


"I have never seen any other professor or consultant this comfortable in their subject matter & in using theoretical knowhow to solve real world problems..."


"I really like working with him & learn a lot each time…"


"Truly competent in his field…"


"Technical & soft skills combined…"


"So proud to work with him..."

M. Can Arslan

Dr. Ing. M. Can Arslan

Advisor / Consultant | Author | Engineer | Executive | Academician - Scientist - Professor | Speaker

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