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Instant Inquiry
  • Instant Inquiry

    submit your challenges & receive a prompt response giving you the key to overcome them

    • Inquiry Submission Guidelines


      You are welcome to submit any challenge you are trying to overcome, and it can be related to anything on business & management.

      Please directly explain your challenges / issue / question in the space provided.

      We accept inquiries submitted in English*, and you will receive the response to your inquiry in English.

      The standard time for you to receive the response to your inquiry is 48 hours**, but you will most likely hear from us sooner.

      The response to your inquiry will be sent to the e-mail address you provide, so please check your inbox (please check all your incoming mail folders in case your e-mail server labels our message as spam/junk).



      * if preferred, submission in Turkish is also welcome, and those inquiries will be responded in Turkish


      ** after you send us your payment receipt



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