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First 90 days in 90 minutes

Appointed to a senior executive role? Congrats! Either you are a first-time executive transitioning from a mid-level role or an experienced executive on the move, a new challenge awaits you.

The business might be a giant, and issues you need to cover as an executive might be very much diverse & complex. Or if you just joined the company from outside, you may not be familiar with the industry at all. In any case, you will typically be expected to get up to speed in the shortest time possible, often quoted as the first 90 or 100 days.

In a fast-paced business world, spending your time effectively at the beginning will sure be to your advantage going forward. And newly appointed executives are well aware of this fact: a good start will be the basis for a good track-record.

In your new role, there will be a lot to discover during the initial phase. If you are joining the company from a different industry, for instance, you will need to get to know the customers, products & services, suppliers, major processes, metrics and so on. In case you are joining from outside with same or similar industry background, you will still need to develop a deep understanding of your new company, including the team, culture, values, financials, policies as well as systems in use.

Alternatively, you might already be in the company for a while & get promoted to your senior executive role recently. This time you may already know many aspects of the business, but you are now supposed to assume accountability of a much wider domain – an entire business function or company – depending on your new role. You will hear many details first time & will need to learn them from scratch while you will also be busy developing or sharpening your leadership skills. A similar case applies if you are from the successor generation who is taking on responsibility to run a family enterprise.

In all of these situations, of course, your experience & expertise will help at the first place. What else? Your research capabilities will help. Your colleagues will help. Reports & dashboards will help. However, you might still get lost or exhausted a bit, since your responsibility is also huge.

Well, what if you had another source of information that supports you in understanding & assessing the business from top to bottom? The good news is, now you have that solution, a novel one indeed: the FITNESS Score ™.

FITNESS Score ™ tells you how fit a business is & what to do to keep it fit. It can be calculated for any business, no matter what its size, industry, age, type or location is.

Moreover, FITNESS Score ™ offers the complete picture of the business. It factors in not only all the financials that are typically considered in evaluating a business, but also all the rest of the information related to the business from end-to-end, including organization, objectives, non-financial metrics, processes, value proposal, management style, and even the vision, to name a few.

All in all through a single metric, we are able to assess & monitor overall fitness of a business, and if needed, make an objective & accurate comparison of different businesses. Additionally, using the Strategic Analysis Result (S.A.R.) generated together with FITNESS Score ™, we are also able to see potential issues beneath the surface, upcoming risks, optimal course of action to achieve & sustain fitness, and much more regarding the business we look into.

And the good news is, FITNESS Score ™ & S.A.R. can be generated in one single session – just a 90 minutes session instead of 90 days.

With FITNESS Score ™ & S.A.R., you understand a business inside out instantly, and also see the actions to take nicely outlined. And this means, you have a solution that complements your own observation & analysis, helps you make trusted decisions with ease, and frees time for you during the discovery stage as a newly appointed senior executive.

Brilliant, isn’t it?


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